Write The Perfect Wedding Invitations

It may seem obvious, but here’s what information you need to include in your wedding invitation wording. In the next post we’ll discuss what other items you might need in terms of stationery for your wedding.

Wedding Day Invitations - How To Write The Best Wedding Invitations

Invitations are traditionally sent out 6-8 weeks before the wedding, so you should probably start researching and organising them at least 3 months before – many brides will start investigating wedding stationery way earlier than that – well, it is fun! It’s easy to get inspiration from magazines and of course on the internet. For most brides, it’s a whole new area to explore and they will be eager to compare styles and prices and look for something that appeals. Of course each person’s style and theme is very individual, so the range of designs is huge – but all wedding invitations must contain some basic essential information.

The way in which the invitation begins depends on who is actually issuing the invitation – it can be the bride’s parents, both sets of parents or the couple themselves. Etiquette dictates that the people contributing financially are the ones who are “issuing” the invitation. The tone can range from warm and friendly for relaxed, intimate weddings to very formal for those which are going to be grand affairs!


Obviously, the main information is whose wedding it is, and of course when and where the ceremony is to take place.

Most ceremonies are followed by a reception, so the venue for this will also be included on the invitations. If both are at the same place, all you need is a line that says “with the following reception”, with an indication of the starting time.

Dress code is optional but would be included near the bottom, and lastly a date by which the RSVP is requested – sometimes the RSVP details can appear at the bottom of the invitation too: this may be a street address, phone number or email – or all three. Many people prefer to have a separate card for the responses and we will discuss this in the next post.

These are the basic things to include on your invitations – also do not forget that there may be an additional cost if you opt to have your guests’ names printed on the invitation and/or their addresses printed on the envelopes, but this can really enhance the look of the whole thing and make it look very professional.

How To Choose The Best Informal Wedding Dress

Choose An Informal Wedding Dress For Your Budget

Not every bride wants a big and luxurious  wedding. In fact, most couples now can no longer afford to go all out on their weddings without their parent’s help. They choose to save and spend more for the honey moon and the marriage rather than the wedding. Some couples also might prefer an intimate wedding with just close friends and family. These are just some of the reasons why there is an increasing demand for supply of informal wedding dress. In fact it is more popular than ever.

Some of the pro’s of choosing an informal dress are:

  • Suitable for more relaxed locations
  • You can wear it after the wedding
  • You can have a beach wedding with it
  • You don’t have to wear it just once
Select the best informal wedding dress for your budget
Choose the best informal wedding dress

Brides are doing away with the uncomfortable, puffy, and not to mention, very expensive wedding gowns for a more comfortable one. The traditional wedding white gown is no longer the norm and more and more brides are trying to steer away from the standard white gown. Ever since the market has recognized the need to produce informal wedding gowns. In fact, you can even make one for yourself.

The truth is this trend started with the different venues and themes for weddings. Most couples look for alternative, more romantic settings rather than the church, settings that both the bride and groom can relate to. There are more beach weddings now than there are church weddings.

You can not, for example, wear a traditional big wedding gown to a beach setting because it will cause more disruption and it will make the bride more uncomfortable than ever. An informal wedding dress is more suitable for a beach setting. There are more themes that are coming out that call for a light, romantic and informal wedding dress, one that will be absolutely perfect for the chosen theme. The great thing about this is you can always have a great time looking for one.


How To Plan Your Own Wedding And Make It Memorable

Planning your own wedding is supposed to be a pleasurable and memorable time. In spite of this in the majority of circumstances due to it not being an easy assignment it will become an exceptionally stressful as well as difficult occasion. As the special day draws near couples lose sleep over coordinating each and every one of the particulars of the wedding, just to make certain the whole thing goes according to plan.

Consult Wedding Planning Resources

Wedding planner resources will present checklists intended for you to abide by. A wedding planner guide or wedding planner books are one of the initial procedures to take and are without problems accessible. Wedding planner books or a wedding planner guide make available information plus pointers to keep you controlled and to make sure that you take all facets into consideration at the same time as planning your own wedding.

Choose Your Wedding Date Wisely

Commonly the detail that is taken care of first is deciding on the actual date of the wedding. Factors in picking a day include: the availability of the establishment where the big day will take place as well as friends plus relatives being available. This is one of the most essential decision making techniques of planning your own wedding. Choose wisely and decide if you’d prefer a:

  • Winter wedding – possibility of snow and Christmas motives!
  • Fall wedding – lots of color but possible bad weather?
  • Spring wedding – blooming flowers and cooler temperatures. What’s not to like?
  • Summer wedding – the best season for weddings! Warm weather but it might be too hot for some…

The time the wedding takes place will become a feature in the costs. For example, mornings together with afternoon receptions are to some extent more less expensive than receptions held at night. A number of establishments where weddings can be held present rate reductions on days when historically, weddings are not held.

Define Your Budget

Before you begin planning your own wedding, it is furthermore recommended to establish a financial plan. This means the fine points are completed in accordance to along with following your budget you can pay for. Wedding planner books will be able to assist with this.

Be Wise Selecting The Venue

As soon as you have done this, you can now select a venue in favor of the wedding. If you are taking into consideration the expense, just after the holiday seasons, would be a fine point in time to conduct a wedding party. Several places offer discounts, based on the time of year. This time is not considered a ‘peak time’, for that reason the price tends to be less costly.

Determine the Size of Your Wedding

It is vital for young couples to chat about fine points regarding the planning of the wedding, such as: the place of the venue/reception, the number of people who get invited to the wedding reception, in addition to the option of entertainment. For couples who are soon to get married, it is critical to talk about the magnitude of the wedding they both have in mind. The fantasy wedding of one individual may not be that of the other.

Don’t forget to book your Limo

When planning a wedding it is important to try and stay organised, make sure you have thought of everything. The later you leave things the more expensive they will be. A common thing which is forgotten is wedding cars, and not the bride and grooms. Have you thought about hiring larger cars or minibuses for your guests? We use Southern Van Hire based in the city of Portsmouth but they deliver vehicles all over the country.

Write The Guest List

Whilst assembling the guest register, consider the space capacity of your special establishment. It is essential to reach an agreement with regards to the guest list in addition to the entourage and if or not you would like to keep the wedding an intimate affair or something on a bigger scale where you would invite each person you’ve ever known in addition to their friends and family.

Advices in the article provided by the seasoned London Wedding Photographer – Chip Radoslavov from Two Hearts Photography London

Choose The Best Wedding Videographer For Your Budget!

So what should I look for in a wedding videographer? Here are few tips from our experts:

Choose The Best Videographer You Can Find And Trust
Choose The Best Videographer You Can Find And Trust

How Much Experience? 

When you look for a wedding videographer, look for someone who is constantly shooting weddings. On average, a busy wedding videographer will record about 20-35 weddings per year. Above 35 weddings could be too much.

First of all, make sure that your videographer has done more than 20 weddings. If they have done more than fifty wedding, it could be easily considered an experienced videographer.

I wouldn’t really put much weight if the videographer says that he or she has two, three or five years of experience. It does not really matter. What matters is how many wedding he or she has done. The more the merrier.

Why is experience so important to me? Because in DSLR video, focusing is extremely important and difficult, and practice makes master. Unless your taste is for video that goes in and out of focus, you should look for a videographer what will keep your video in focus.

One Or Multiple Videographers?

Ask if the videographer can show you videos that he or she has done alone in a wedding. And then work that they have done with 2 or 3 videographers. This is really important.

Depending on your budget you may want to go with only one wedding videographer instead of multiple ones. Watch samples of his or her work while shooting a wedding video alone. Ask what is the best position he or she adopts during the ceremony and the reception.

Ask to see work while working with several videographers as well. How they position each camera during the ceremony and reception.

Ask to watch excerpts of a wedding video more than a highlight. Many wedding videographers emphasize in the highlight more than the wedding video itself. I have seen videographers missing important parts of the ceremony because they are working to get an exotic angle down from the aisle floor or with the slider. They do this just to create more production value to their highlight to show future clients.


Another important matter to discuss is their equipment. If you are paying a wedding videographer, let say more than 2000 dollars, check that they are using DSLR cameras, preferably canon cameras. There are many, but many videographers still using regular HD cameras, which give you acceptable image, but not cinematic look like DSLR cameras would give you.


Ask about lighting. Discuss about the lighting at the ceremony. Churches usually have good lighting, but if the church it not well illuminated, ask the wedding videographer how they deal with low light situations.

It’s really important to ask about lighting for the reception. How do they plan to use them and what type of lighting equipment they use?

Reception halls are usually very dark, which makes wedding videography very challenging because you have to manage good lighting while not killing the mood. Confirm that your wedding videographer will have enough lighting for introductions, first dance, dance with parents, speeches, cutting the cake – the all the important moments of the reception.

Ask about lighting while dancing. Check that they do not use too much lighting that could kill the mood of the reception, or the lighting the dj or lighting specialist are using for your wedding. But, make sure they use a good source of lighting to illuminate your guests dancing.

Sound Quality

Image quality is just half of your wedding video, sound is the other half.

A wedding video with bad sound could damage the quality of the video.

Ask the wedding cinematographer how they capture sound during the ceremony and reception, specially if you are getting married at a church, which has a lot a reverberation. Just make sure they mic the officiant or officiants, the groom and podium. They should be able to capture good sound from anywhere people will be talking or singing.

Make certain that they put a microphone on the singer, or at least put a recording equipment close to them if they do not have more lavaliere microphones or there are more than one singer.

Sound at the reception hall:

The reception is very noisy. People cheering, talking, etc. Talk to your videographer and make sure they get the sound from different sources like plugging their recording device right from the dj or band. Wedding videographers must also capture ambiance sound (ambience sound is important to get reactions from your guests)

How Unobtrusive They Are? 

One important matter to discuss is how they work. I have seen videographers who are very obtrusive, so much, that they have 2 or 3 videographers very close to the bride and groom while doing the first dance or when they are dancing with their parents. They are very obtrusive in a way that it is impossible for the wedding photographers to capture a decent picture of the couple. Many videographers, trying to capture exotic angles or images for their highlights, become noisy and noticeable during the wedding ceremony and during the reception. Make sure they are respectful, unobtrusive and share a good working relationship with the photographers or any other vendor.

Movie Length

Ask how long your wedding video will be. I have heard of wedding cinematographers that charge a great amount of money for their service, but only provide a 5 minute highlight and unedited raw footage. If you pay a couple thousands more, they give you 20 to 30 minutes wedding video. They reason that a video of more than 30 minutes could be boring and people would not enjoy it. I am one of those wedding videographers, who does not believe that. I think that the client could get a nicely edited wedding video of the entire wedding without being boring. If you would like to jump to certain part of the video, there are always the chapters. Just go to the scene selection on your dvd or blu ray and select whatever you would like to watch. Don’t take me wrong, a shorter version of your wedding video is awesome, and we do offer it. In fact, we were one of the first studios to introduce this concept, but I just don’t think that it should replace a long version of your complete wedding video.

Delivery Time

Ask about the turnaround of the work. There are many studios that promise a first draft of your wedding video in five or six months. In my opinion that is too long. I provide a first draft of a wedding video within 2 months from the wedding day, so I can’t really comprehend six months.

Check how the final product is delivered. Many companies that are still providing their clients with dvd only, and what good is it to record something in hd if it will be delivered in standard definition. Other wedding videographers will charge extra for blu rays. So make sure you know the final format. Even if you don’t have Blu-ray, make sure you get Blu-rays.

Ask if they provide unlimited access to the video online or the digital copies for your mobile device.

Check if they allow changes to your wedding video and how the terms are for these changes.

A wedding video is one of the best memories you will have from your wedding day. You need to make sure that you will get the best possible wedding video.

Have a happy wedding!

Get The Best Wedding Live Band For Your Budget

How To Get The Perfect Live Band For Your Fabulous Wedding?

Choose The Perfect Live Band For Your Wedding

Weddings are attended by family and friends so if you want to enjoy a packed dance floor all night long, it is important to make sure the band you hire is versatile. That means they play songs that everyone will enjoy, from jazz standards to classic rock to Disco to current Top 40 hits and everything in between. Just because you love Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, doesn’t mean everyone will. That’s why it’s smart to book a band that can play something for everyone.

So where do you start looking? Wedding venues and planners are two excellent sources for information. They have been involved in the planning of many weddings and receptions and have seen first hand lots of wedding bands. They know which ones consistently get rave reviews and which ones are duds.

Where To Get Recommendations?

Wedding planners and venues often have their favorite band booking agents, who offer the best entertainment, who they will recommend highly. Asking for advice and opinions of these venues and planners is a great way to begin your search for the perfect live wedding band.

Asking your friends and family is the next logical source. Have they, or do they know of anyone who has hired a sensational wedding reception band? Just about everyone has at some time been invited to a reception or party where a live band has performed. Find out if your family members or close friends have any suggestions from first hand experience.

If you come up empty after talking with planning professionals, wedding venues, friends or family, it’s time to take to the internet. The Web is a vast shopping ground for music entertainment, and can be the best place to find an incredible band, but if you don’t pay attention to potential red flags you could easily end up with an inferior music group and a dull party.

Wedding Band Live Music

Should You Hire The Band Directly? 

The ideal way to find a great wedding band is to first find a reputable band booking agency. They know the available talent pool and can help ensure you hire someone that is talented, dependable and puts on a great show. If you decide to deal directly with a band, and forego the booking agent, the risk of hiring a substandard band will be greatly increased.

Dealing directly with a band can sometimes be advantageous, but you also run the risk of being duped. There are many ways a band can take advantage of an unsuspecting client, by not telling you about a better, more experienced, or cheaper band just around the corner, by displaying videos on their website that show a talented band that includes members who will not actually be in the band for the actual performance at your reception, and many other ways.

Going through a seasoned and honest booking agent is the best way to avoid the conflicts of interest that can occur when dealing directly with the band. An agent has many wedding music bands at their disposal and they won’t care which one you choose. They just want you to be happy with the choice because they know you will never come back to them in the future if they disappoint you now. The goal of a reputable booking agency is to make sure the band you hire will make you happy.

Be Wary Of The Red Flags! 

That being said, if you are determined to sidestep the agent and book a band directly, there are a few red flags that you need to be aware of. Never hire anyone that doesn’t have a website. Chances are, if the band is professional, they’ll have a website. And on their website, you’ll want to see a video of them, preferably in a live performance. Some dance bands look and sound good in a promotional video, but then disappoint in a live performance setting. If you can go see them perform live before hiring them, all the better. It’s best to perform due diligence when trying to determine if they are the perfect fit for your special day.

Whether you use the help of an experienced entertainment agent or talk with the talent directly, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Get the answers you need before signing on the dotted line.

Questions To Ask Your Live Wedding Band Before Hiring Them

Questions For The Band: 

  • Is the band available on your date?
  • Do you have a video showing clips from a live wedding performance?
  • Do you have references from satisfied clients?
  • Are the musicians in your video the ones who will be playing at my reception?
  • What will you wear at my wedding?
  • How much do you charge and what does that fee cover?
  • How many hours will you play for that price?
  • Do you provide the lighting and sound system for that price?
  • How many breaks will you take and how long will they be?
  • Will you learn and play a special song for me?
  • Do you play recorded music during the breaks?
  • What is your cancelation policy?

There are certainly other questions you can ask, but all of them should be answered to your satisfaction. After all, it’s your special day and it’s important to do whatever you can to ensure an unforgettable event, not just for you, but for all in attendance. You can have the best food and the most dazzling decorations, but if the entertainment is bad the party will be dull. If you do your homework, the chances of planning the perfect reception, one that will last forever in your memories, is very high.


Indian Asian Wedding Planning Checklist

Asian/Indian Wedding Planning – Is It Really Hard? 

Not with our checklist to help you organised!!! So the he wedding proposition has happened? Or maybe your matchmaking has now been sorted. Both of you have made a unified commitment to undertake the a major part of life together. What is going to be your next thing to do? Panning the wedding party, of course!!! And that’s how the Asian Wedding Planning Checklist will be useful, and be your main companion in making sure an awesome fiesta wedding event is put-together.

Yes, the wedding is going to be the initial key assignment that you together with your partner is going to embark on, be it with or possibly without the aid of your friends and relations. The marriage location should be booked. The wedding event caterer must be determined. Bridal professional photographers might have to be pre-booked many months before the day of the wedding. Wedding and reception banqueting furniture, and also coverings will have to be hired. And list continues on and on…

The mere volume of things to get ready for a wedding party could make you nervous or unpleasant and lead you to feelings that you might lose some influence over the state of your big day. Even before you commence, chances are you already visualize the unthinkable, and worry the embarrassment that could develop from a poorly arranged function.

Worry not, because the Indian Wedding Planning Checklist below will help you out with all of the wedding party arrangements. The set of wedding planning elements below was assembled chronologically to make certain adequate time is allotted for every function item. This means you ought to have plenty of time for sourcing good ideas, getting in touch with your wedding service providers, in depth conversation with the service vendors and lastly confirming your vendor choices.

Indian Wedding Planning Checklist

Plan Your Indian Wedding Better With Out Own Checklist
Plan Your Indian Wedding Better With Out Own Checklist

More than one year

  1. Decide on a personal date to get married
  2. Employ an expert wedding coordinator
  3. Determine the amount of attendees, venue and time of day for the marriage event
  4. Come to an agreement on the wedding finance and expenses and how the costs are going to be split between both bride and groom’s families
  5. Discuss about the schedule of events that would take place on your wedding day
  6. Systematically monitor the wedding expenses and track who paid for each of the expense item
  7. Organize an invitee list which includes family and friends from both sides of the family
  8. Think about inevitable factors which may affect your wedding event (e.g. climate conditions, national elections, etc.)
  9. Book your marriage ceremony site
  10. Reserve marriage reception site
  11. Book your bridal ceremony & reception photographers
  12. Book your bridal ceremony & reception videographers
  13. Choose the wedding concept and colour scheme
  14. Update your passport & visa for your honeymoon

Half an year to an year

  1. Book the wedding priest, wedding qadi, wedding minister etc.
  2. Book your marriage event musicians
  3. Book your marriage event florists and decorators
  4. Book your marriage event caterer
  5. Book your marriage event entertainment
  6. Choose who are your bridesmaids and best men
  7. Choose who will be the emcee of your event

4 to 6 months

  1. Book hiring materials required for your marriage ceremony
  2. Book your cosmetic stylist, hair dresser and mehendi artist
  3. Book your wedding suite
  4. Complete attendance list and get the wedding invitation postal addresses
  5. Choose and buy wedding card invitations; remember to include map location of the wedding event venue
  6. Draft and send electronic invitations
  7. Compile an index of people to assist you on the wedding day( guest ushers, gift attendant, wedding & reception coordinator, food catering coordinator etc.) and their tasks
  8. Start preparing for the honeymoon

2 to 4 months

  1. Book your special wedding cake
  2. Book your wedding car, as well as decor for the wedding car and bridal party entourage
  3. Buy or rent wedding costumes
  4. Buy or rent wedding costume for parents, best men & bridesmaids
  5. Buy thank you gifts for wedding assistants and guests
  6. Prepare things to do for the guests who are from outstation
  7. Make a visit to the dentist to cleanse or whiten your teeth

6 to 8 weeks

  1. Post marriage invitation cards and email electronic invitations
  2. Monitor invitations sent out and responses received, and send thank you notes for guests who provided presents
  3. Buy or rent bride’s accessories
  4. Buy the bride’s shoes
  5. Buy the bridal jewellery (thali, matrimonial rings, etc.)
  6. Organize safety escort for bridal entourage which wear weighty jewellery
  7. Complete catering arrangements with the caterer
  8. Organize pre-wedding and bridal portrait photography to be taken

2 to 6 weeks

  1. Finalize marriage ceremony particulars with marriage officiant
  2. Follow-up with invitees who have yet to reply and complete arrangements for guest seating
  3. Compose a comprehensive timeline of the wedding event
  4. Give a copy of the wedding schedule to your wedding vendors
  5. Decide who will usher the bride and groom on the wedding day
  6. Give a checklist of photos you would like captured to your photographer
  7. Give a list of special people or events you want included in the video to your videographer
  8. Give the list of songs you would like played at your wedding event to the deejay
  9. Create the wedding venue direction guide boards, gift collection box and guestbook
  10. Beautify both bride and groom’s home

A Week Before The Wedding

  1. Ensure your bridal attire fits and make any alterations if necessary
  2. Appoint your wedding car drivers
  3. Review your wedding schedule
  4. Give a copy of the wedding layout to your venue manager and caterer
  5. Confirm the guest count and give to your venue manager and caterer
  6. Let your wedding vendors know of any last minute changes
  7. Confirm honeymoon reservations and prepare for your honeymoon
  8. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the bridal guest list

The Day Before

  1. List down items to be brought on the wedding day and perform a full review of the items on this checklist
  2. Appoint someone you trust to assist you in paying the wedding vendors after the wedding event is completed
  3. Appoint an individual to give back hired items once the event is completed
  4. Appoint an individual to assist in placing wedding location direction guide boards at proper locations
  5. Appoint an individual to manage the wedding caterers and the wedding venue arrangement
  6. Arrange an individual to manage the wedding floor – to coordinate the emcee, DJ, entertainers, site lighting etc.
  7. Give the finalized wedding schedule to all members of your wedding party
  8. Give the finalized wedding schedule to all wedding vendors
  9. Communicate seating arrangements with ushers

The Big Day!!!

  1. Perform a final review of this checklist and ensure to bring all items required for the wedding
  2. Carry and ensure the official wedding rings/thali is brought to the wedding venue
  3. Enjoy the wedding you planned and relax!

Despite the fact that the Indian Wedding Planning Checklist was created according to a minimum 12 months planning cycle, you can employ this check-list for shorter or longer marriage planning periods, with several sensible adjustments of the check-list.

For couples who may have substantially brief planning durations, we suggest whichever of the following alternate options:
1. Develop an extreme “catch-up” strategy on wedding preparation work items for the amounts of time you have lost OR
2. Please Seek the services of a wedding event coordinator